Solarino Marmi

Solarino Marmi


Tradition and innovation

Our company has been operating about three generations in the relevant sector, throughout the national territory. Thanks to the use of sophisticated and advanced technology, the constant search for innovation and the high quality of workmanship, today Solarino Marmi in Modica is a reference company in the sector. We have recently opened a new operational structure equipped with photovoltaic panels and production systems with low environmental impact. The safeguarding of alternative energies and recycling of processing waste are further our peculiarities, not surprisingly thanks to the Waterjet machinery the water deriving from the cutting of the marble, granite and stone cut is purified and reused in new processes, while the liquid and residues are disposed of in special centers. The work carried out through the innovative machinery present in the company allows a considerable saving of time, greater precision and the protection of employees as well as their health.



Founded in 1940, the artisan company is currently run by four brothers who work in the company with different tasks and roles. The common thread between a successful past and profitable present is represented by ambition, by the strong diversification of the offer, by the passion, by a multidisciplinary approach and by the constant desire to be able to meet the challenges that the evolution of the market imposes. Today in Solarino Marmi tradition of craftsmanship and modernity find the perfect match. In fact, over the skill linked to the craftsmanship, we combine a sophisticated technology: Waterjet, CNC and the shape detector that transfers the image of the full object into a computerized software. Eight employees, engaged both in administration and in production, actively collaborate for the success of each project and for the achievement of our objectives.



Our strengths and the elements of distinction with respect to the many competitors are, above all, the timeliness, the speed of execution of each order and the quality of delivery of the individual products, which reach their destination perfectly intact and just the way they are designed.


Seriousness, transparency, respect for the agreed timing are values that we never derogate from. To fully respect our founding values, we have invested, both in technological equipment and in the quality and updating of human resources to which we ask to express all the human and professional potential.


To Be a model of excellence in the reference market, for us, is not a point of arrival but a starting point. Our main objective is to further articulate our offer by increasing our, already large, user base as well as to expand our range of action.