We are online with the Solarino Marmi Blog, dedicated to our loyal customers and to all those who will come in contact with us.

Opening a blog entirely dedicated to our company is the beginning of a new adventure, in which to make available all our knowledge but above all gives us the opportunity to reach those who do not know us and who can find in our reality an interesting novelty to discover. Our goal is to tell the best of our business, offer more information about our proposal and respond to the comments and requests of web users. Blog posts will be dedicated to our work, our proposal, but also to many complementary topics closely related to our business. All the articles will concern insights, useful information and curiosity. By doing so, for example, you can find out more about specific topics, such as the usefulness of CNC machines in stone processing. These are sophisticated and state-of-the-art equipment that allow centesimal precision machining, in a very short and rapid time. The quality of the finished product will be better, as well as the production standards.

So do not hesitate to contact us or request further information, we will try to satisfy your requests as quickly as possible. Scrolling through the pages of our website www.solarinomarmi.com you will find useful information on our activity, images of our company and useful addresses to reach us by e-mail, telephone or at the headquarters.

All the Solarino Marmi staff wishes you a good read.