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Interior and external coatings Modica

Over the years we have gained important skills in the field of coatings used for bathrooms, interiors as well as kitchens and fireplaces. Our marble coatings in Modica are made with the utmost care both in terms of the quality of the materials used and with regard to the transformation processes.
Rivestimenti in marmo Modica
Dettaglio rivestimento marmo


Our formula of success is based on the following elements: constant research, the development of innovative techniques and methods, constant training. In the field of construction of coatings, for walls and facades, both in marble and in natural stone or in granite, we represent a model of excellence that combines knowledge and know-how to do.
Thanks to the use of high-quality materials used in the processing and transformation phase, we are able to guarantee realizations that represent the right combination of aesthetic appeal, trendy design and extreme functionality. The marbles used and the great craftsmanship are the bases on which we have built our processes that combine aesthetics and functionality.
Thanks to certified quality materials and technological equipments, at our laboratories we process and develop ideas in addition to the requests of our customers. The marble cotings represent a solution of style and elegance and a reliable architectural option as the materials used are a guarantee of durability and resistance over the time.



With marble cladding you can give even more personality to your settings.
From bathroom and living room coverings, from fireplaces to kitchens, Solarino Marmi is the ideal partner for an impeccable and refined workmanship and production. We select and choose for you the best marbles and the best products for the project to be carried out. All selected materials and marbles come from certified quarries and suppliers. In this way we are able to provide ample guarantees in terms of quality, availability and usability.