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interior and external flooring Modica

Solarino Marmi is synonymous with efficiency and quality assurance with regard the flooring, both for indoor and outdoor use. As with the coatings, also for the marble flooring in Modica the company uses only valuable materials. To the marble works, of different Italian origins and of various types, we use also Modica's stone as well as all the types of stones requested by the clientele.
Pavimentazioni in marmo Modica
Marmo bagno



Floors, whether they are for a private home or a commercial space, contribute to making the atmosphere of each location and setting more fascinating, original and authentic. The marble floors of our company are characterized by high quality standards. The products we select contribute to giving character to every context. We offer you unique creations that can last over time.
Our realizations in pitch stone are the ideal solution for those who want to give their home a touch of elegance and a scenic impact. This material is characterized by its refinement and natural charm that, combined with the different color variations and the ease of processing, cutting and shaping, allow us to realize ornamental and decorative works.
We are specialized in the construction of Modica's stone floors. Our book of realisations is wide and varied. It is a material that, thanks to its flexibility in terms of processing and treatments, allows excellent results to be obtained.
There are also many finishes that can be achieved, both for outdoor and indoor floors.



Are you curious about our proposal and do you want a floor realised with particular craftsmanship? Contact us and entrusted to Solarino Marmi. Choose the best for your home or for the exterior of your home. Request an immediate quote.